Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Update

1. Continual gradual improvement to the face and hand; barely detectable from outside
2. Ultimate Urine Victory is mine! I will not be travelling with a catheter, nor will I need to cath myself.
3. I have all the records and images available to me, and a discharge transcript that will provide a summary to Dr. C et al.
4. Discharge drugs have been prescribed and the prescriptions filled, but the drugs will be  locked in the drug room until tomorrow.
5. Contrary to some of the discharge bumf I received, I will not be given warfarin to go (a good  thing).
6. Walking is generally much better, but see below.
7. I got a visit from Dr JR the excellent Neuro-opthalmologist yesterday, she noted Dr. GP at Moorfields (she thought) as a folow-up.
8. Dr Rucker also applied two prisms to my glasses which help resolve the double vision, which is still otherwise terrible.
9. The new prisms seem to have greatly improved my balance, but because they restore the double vision, make walking harder. This is easily restored with a bit of tape.

Finally, I expect quite a few visitors today to say "au revoir" and am looking forward to getting out and home tomorrow, and the road to further treatment beyond!


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