Friday, November 4, 2011

Progress Report!

Progress report! It's like a performance review for my brain!

Walking remains to be seen, but I made substantial progress yesterday, getting up and down a flight of stairs twice. Knackered afterwards, but progress! PT exercises still kicking my ass, though.

My mouth has definitely improved, although it's still impaired (and I have a quasi-synaesthetic taste of cold).

My right hand is also functioning better, or at least I'm adapting to it better: I can touch type consistently now with persistent difficulty, but it''s far better than it was. Fortunately the QWERTY layout favours the left hand.

Our last hurrah to get Medicaid to approve rehab in time to be really useful has failed, so we have engaged an alternate plan to fly me back to the UK where a grown-up healthcare system can dio me some good. Never fear, US-ians, I shall return! It took 10 bloody years to get a green card, I'm not giving up on residency or citizenship just because of a few piddling strokes!

The only remaining hassle (potential TMI incoming!) id that I picked up a Urinary Tract Infection when first catheterised, and it does not appear to have responded to the course of antibiotics. Some uncomfortable shenanigans have ensued, and I'm back to having a catheter again, at least until Saturday, whereupon "we shall se..." A bit of a pain, figuratively and otherwise

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