Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best In The World

Latest word is that Ms. L---- has submitted the Medicaid application, but declined to approve it. This means there is no hope of rehab in the US within the c.2 months it takes NY to process the application.

So, I think there is no alternative but to engage the NHS, if I want to have rehab at all within the first three months after the strokes. For the time being I am in no danger of being ejected from the hospital, but they are clearly eager to discharge me. That certainly won't happen until after the weekend at the earliest. The remaining uncertain factors are the ongoing UTI, which has developed beyond the initial infection a bit, and my steadiness on my feet.

I would very much like to return home for a few hours before hopping on a flight across the pond, and may well be discharged before we can arrange all the details, which shouldn't be too great a problem to handle.

Again, nothing's happening until next week at the earliest, and I can almost certainly manage at home for a day or two!

I have the appropriate form for the hospital to mail (!) my records to Dr C-----, and can fill it out as soon as I have his address. J------ is going to make sure I have a copy of my PT records.

I think that's it for now; if anything else occurs to me, I'll email. 
Talk tomorrow,

(Any American who thinks the current US system is the best in the world is either obscenely wealthy or a fool. In my case, a demonstrably lazy and rather stupid hospital administrator simply made the wrong determination, and I had to leave the USA to get treatment.)

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