Friday, October 21, 2011

Social Obligations Persist

Hey! Thanks for all the comments. They are much appreciated. Eventually, i wii\ll get to each of them in turn, but I am without my personal secretary, this morning, so it may take a while,

Iam walking, rather unsteadily, and with a frame, but much progress there.
I can feed and water myself with unsurprisingly no difficulty swallowing..

Last night, I played hot to _Spinal Tap,_who were less amusing than advertised,
The big news from yesterday was from thr neuro-opthalmologist: i expect to recover fully *eventually.

That's it for now, it took about an hour to type this!

(This was a comment on a G+ post, and I am normally very persnickety about spelling and grammar, so typing "hot" for "host" when joking about lumbar punctures gives you an idea of the damage at the time.)

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