Friday, October 21, 2011

Chat is also hard

(Chat transcript with a friend out of town. I was typing as fast as I could.)

11:06 AM me: yo
 K----: HEY!!!!!!
  I hate that I have to ask this, but how are you doing buddy? J-- and I are worried sick
 me: so this sucks ass
11:07 AM K----: lol, not in a good way at least
 me: so-so...
  ssme things
11:08 AM are coming back
  quuite quickly
 K----: that is good. from what everyone says your cognitive skills haven't been hit by the stroke
11:09 AM me: lycky in that
 K----: they know what caused it or the docs still in the dark?
 me: there is stiill the potential
11:10 AM for thr brain stem to bleed more
  which would likely be bad
11:11 AM cause: unknown, but
 K----: that is good
 me: NOT nut cancer
 K----: too much WoW?
11:12 AM me: lots of NOT, not much THIS
11:13 AM K----: do they consider you stable at this point or are they concerned for smaller strokes?

8 minutes
11:22 AM me: Sorry doc break
  yes, they now have
 K----: no problem
11:23 AM me: no treatment options excepy rehab
11:24 AM which will start as soon as the insurance is sorted
 K----: yeah, what is up with that? Do you have any options?
11:25 AM me: rehab or insurance?
11:26 AM rehab: bring it
11:27 AM K----: insurance
11:28 AM me: ins: not thinking about it
11:29 AM lcan barely read, so it's too much to wotty about
 K----: understandable
 me: worry
 K----: if you need to flee creditors, you have a place in Chicago :)
11:30 AM me: thanks <3
11:31 AM g2g tired head now!
 K----: get your rest brother. J-- and I love ya :)
11:32 AM me: tale care!

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