Sunday, January 27, 2013


I met four out of five goals that I set myself this week. I lost 1lb, which is less than I'd like, but in the right direction, so it will do. I exercised every day this week, sat in meditation every day this week, and wrote some of Project #1 every day. I'm happy to have done all of those, but don't want to change them for next week, because although they are lowball goals, and I exceeded them, I would rather have a consistent, simple set of goals for several weeks running before making them any harder

The idea is to sustain what I'm doing, and sustaining these activities for a long time is more of a challenge to me than making them more challenging for the short term. In other words, I think I'm more likely to succeed over the long haul if I'm gentle to begin with.

Besides, there's the goal I didn't meet, which was to stretch after each gym session. I'm going to leave that where it is, and keep working towards it. I have an idea where the failure point is (it involves hot coffee and cold weather), and want to see if I can get back to making stretching regular.

UPDATE 1/28: I changed my mind. I'm going to add another lowball, easy target: do 5 minutes of Tai Chi every day. It's only 5 minutes, it's clearly beneficial, and I stopped doing it... why?

Weight Goal: 170lb. Last week: 197lb. This week: 196lb

Exercise Goal: gym 3-4x, swim 2-3x - This week: Monday: swim, Tuesday gym (upper body), Wednesday swim. Thursday gym (lower body), Friday: swim, Saturday: gym (upper body), Sunday: gym (lower body)

Meditation Goal: sit every day - Days sat: Every day this week!

Stretching Goal: after every gym - Tuesday

Writing Goal: write at least one word a day on Project #1 - Monday: 259, Tuesday: 297, Wednesday: 463, Thursday: 284, Friday: 303, Saturday: 14, Sunday:130. Total: 1750

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