Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kick 'Em While They're Down

One of the aspects of brain damage is the propensity of corporations to seek out sick people and give them a good kicking while they are ailing.

It's not just the medical industry either. We all know how badly screwed that is, and how fortunate that only doctors worry about trivial things like the Hippocratic oath. No, it seems like every corporation is designed to find anyone with disabilities, and make life hard for us, because it isn't hard enough already.

The attitude of over-charging speculatively, because punters can either afford the charge or have time to research and challenge it, is unethical, lazy, and just plain wrong. I'm sure it profits shareholders, though.

Today's recipients of my rage, frustration and copious cursing (but not a nickel) are ConEd and Mt. Sinai. Screw them both.

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