Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spin The Cripple

My balance is still terrible. It takes conscious thought and some effort to just stand still, which of course I can't do. So it should be no surprise that the problem of relearning equilibrium has vexed me; I am heartily sick of being unstable.

As children we are wired to learn things that are so automatic that we don't even notice them as adults. Things like being able to slot blocks into holes, looking up when we walk, and being able to stand. Unfortunately adults are not wired to find learning such simple things interesting or fun. Such is life.

One activity that children seem to delight in at a certain age, and then no longer, is spinning around until dizziness overwhelms them. They often then fall over, regain their balance, and do it all again.

I wonder if that isn't training the brain to process the signals from the inner ear, and thus developing balance. Perhaps the key to fixing my balance is spinning like a dervish until I fall over. Of course, children have a much lower center of gravity, so this is just another reason to get access to a rubber room.

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