Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving Pictures

Recently I've seen Hunger Games 2, Thor 2, Hobbit 2, Filth and last night, The Night of the Hunter. I'm lucky to live very close to the American Museum of the Moving Image, and a 10-screen cinema. The museum's website is shit for mobile and accessibility by the way, but the movies are good.

One of the features of my brain damage is that some level of critical faculty, or some intellectual processing is absent. So, I respond to things rapidly and honestly. This often means that I am easily manipulated by movies, but has another side effect: I can't rationalize a movie I'm finding dull with intellect.

As a case in point I was very engaged by Catching Fire, Thor and Filth least, perhaps the Thor movie, but Chris Hemsworth is yummy. I was so engaged by The Night of the Hunter, which has child actors who could be replaced by wooden blocks with little loss, that I am still thinking about it and its imagery today.

I thought the Hobbit was a bit dull. For all its flair, stellar effects and so on, I was bored. More Smaug, less New Zealand, and get a sodding move on.

Of them all, if you're looking for a good movie to take tweens and up to, then I would recommend The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. While you're there ask yourself who you are most like in real life. Snow's granddaughter? Effie? Senna? Be honest. I dare you.

The effect of the damage is interesting; it makes me a pretty cheap date: if a movie's well enough made, I will enjoy it regardless. It does have something of an emperor's new clothes effect though. You can't hide boring behind glitz. 

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