Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Small Victory

Another small victory, completely unrelated to boring stroke recovery:

I went, after the gym while waiting for the infrequent Saturday bus, to a book fair being held lethargically in the Digby Memorial Church Hall (coincidentally where I've started practicing Tai Chi). There was a Blake's 7annual I considered picking up, but it was a bit steep at £7 (about $11-12), especially for little more than a joke gift (sorry Joe).

My eyes wandered over the selection of children's books, all at 50p apiece, and what should I see but the Earthsea trilogy in the same editions that I read to death thirty years ago, or more. All in perfect (by comparison) condition. Sure the covers are whitewashed and the artist didn't read the books, but the interiors of the paperbacks include the fabulous original woodcut chapter illustrations. I would have paid rather more than the £1.50 I did, but mostly out of sentimentality. A victory!

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