Friday, September 7, 2012

First Full Day Back in New York

Yesterday was busier perhaps than I had planned, but a good first full day home. I re-awoke my gym membership from suspension, worked out for a bit, and checked out the pool on the other side of the block. It's not an ideal pool, but it will do the trick, and it's not insanely expensive if I pony up for a year. In fact, the gm and pool memberships combine to slightly less than what I was paying in Dorset. Sadly, the staff at the Sherborne Sports Center were a lot more awesome than much of the staff here, but the gym is friendly without being too full of scary scary muscle Marys. Except me.

Then onto lunch and a delicious Thali, and a little shopping to get a laundry bag that has two back straps. Essential for balance from now on, and I had a secondary task to do with it. Through al this, I had a sanely solicitous guide. The 59th St interchange can be hairy if you're able-bodied, so it was good to have someone with me for the journey. 

Home after that, and immediately on to pick up the CSA share that some other friends cant pick up this week (because they're in CA) using the aforementioned laundry bag. It was still bloody heavy, but quite manageable, and promises to be delicious. The apples already are. As soon as the next sign-up period rolls around I will be joining. There is no good reason not to.

Finally I was going to put my feet up and watch Murderball only to have a moment of sheer, unadulterated terror: I was not sure I could remember how to work the TV and attendant bits. The ignominy! It turns out I remembered just fine, Muderball isn't available streaming, it's at the top of my queue now. and I watched the School for Scoundrels instead, which was charming.

On balance a good, full first day back with exercise, friends and a final flop.

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