Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Today Sucks

Why today doesn't suck: there's a very long list of reasons why I've been lucky, I'm making progress, and so on. None of which matter because today sucks.

Why today sucks: 
1. It just does. I started the day grouchy and it didn't get any better.
2. I could see improvement in my morning exercise, but didn't care becausethat one exercise is still hard. It's extra-frustrating because it involves not falling over, and I suck at the 'not' part.
3. My disabled railcard application was rejected because I accidentally checked Mastercard (like my Citi card), not Visa (like my UK bank). This is doubly egregious because next Tuesday's trip to London will now be even more expensive, and the number of a card defines the card type. Any system or form that requires card type has a lazy, ignorant or stupid programmer at the end of it. Damn them all to hell.
4. I have to jailbreak my iPhone to be able to use it in the UK and avoid the US telcos outrageous charges. It's bad enough that the monthly cost of using the phone is between three and four times as expensive in the US, it's bad enough that roaming charges are a way for two telcos to fleece you where one would do, but it's unpardonable that AT&T refuse to unlock iPhones, even when they're out of contract. I feel a sternly worded letter to my congresscritter and senators coming on.
5. I'm sure there's other reasons, but that will do for now. I'm simply not in asweetness and light kind of mood.

All in all, I'm fed up today, but dark chocolate is making things better. Also some judicious shouting on the telephone.

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