Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some good news

This really is fantastic news: My application for Medicaid was approved. This means that when I'm able to return home, I won't be returning to a $200k hospital bill.

Perhaps weirdly I'm not that euphoric about it because I didn't feel threatened by the bill: It was large enough to be Mt. Sinai's problem, not mine. i.e. It was so large there was absolutely no way I could just pay it off, so the hospital would have to find an affordable way for me to pay. Long-term income is better for them than default. Besides, I had more pressing things to hold my attention, like walking.

If there's any lesson to learn, it's this: Don't worry about things you can't affect. If they don't resolve on their own, you're no worse off, if they do resolve, you've saved yourself the deleterious effects of all that worry. It's the first question I ask myself now that I'm in the business of minding my blood pressure: Can I change this? f not, sod it!

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